Beyond Imangination

Carrying the Weight of How the White World Imagines You

“I didn’t mean to write this essay.

I had another one in mind that was going to speak mainly to white readers (as I so often have felt compelled to do). That essay would demonstrate what we already know about so many white people in the U.S. across the political and ideological spectrum: that the ways they imagine those of us who aren’t white and male and “normal” make it impossible for them to see us and themselves accurately. That the white imagination is killing us.”


I continue to battle against my own imagination to see the real.
There are no others. There is all. I am still unlearning so I can learn.
Yes, there is life! Yes, there is joy! -t

#quotepost #resisthate #mālamahonua #NoDAPL #NoACP #KeepMarching #Time4Nonviolence #ItsOnUs #STTIT #IWasMadeFor #WSPD17


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